Bonjour. Olá. Hi. Guten tag. Konnichiwa. Nǐn hǎo.

YES it's not _blank, and YES I will write this in English. I know that’s not something most people would brag about. But I’ve seen many things in my career. People who do not believe in themselves, people who spit their hatred on others, people who manage only to feel superior. But what I'm looking for today, is simply humanity.

I would rather claim my ignorance because I’m more interested in starting with the right questions than jumping into a quick solution. I strive to question everything. Moreover, I would rather be congratulated for my work, than being argued about my 2 minutes late.

What I do exactly ? And who I am ? For over five years I’ve been helping build brands, develop strategies, analyzing data, creating business reports, starting my own company, and lots of politics with COMEX meetings to get things just right. To do these things I use SQL, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Photoshop, task-runners, Qlik, Tableau, Google Analytics, git, GitHub, and many things.